Stark Forecast  
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Stark County 5 Day Weather Forecast

Including Massillon, Canton, Alliance, Canal Fulton, Hartville, Waynesburg, Minerva, Beach City, Navarre, and Brewster.


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday

    High: 79  Low: 63

Chance of showers tonight.

High: 80  Low: 59

Chance of showers, possibly thunderstorms after 8 a.m. Chance of showers and thunderstorms overnight.

High: 77  Low: 62

Chance of thunderstorms during the day. Chance of showers at night.

High: 79  Low: 63

Chance of thunderstorms throughout the day and overnight.


High: 81   Low: 66

Chance of thunderstorms throughout the day and overnight.

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Local Radar

Click here for warnings and watches.* See note below.
To View the NWS Doppler Radar, click on the following link: National Radar
Akron/Canton Airport Current Temperature & Weather Conditions with 2 Day Data History

*Although a link to NWS warnings is supplied above, we suggest you listen to a weather alert radio during questionable weather, if one is available to you, as computer link reliability may be affected by such severe weather conditions. It is highly recommended that you keep a battery operated radio handy for such occurrences. Don't forget to replace the batteries in your radio on a regular basis.

Click on the "Weather Facts" and "Definitions" buttons for information on tornados, cold fronts, warm fronts, wind vanes anemometers, hurricanes, typhoons, cloud types, global warming and much, much more.